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         Indeed, having heard and read so much lately about my style of governance for Hong Kong, some might say that the Foundation have been charitable in asking me to talk to you on the topic of leadership. Or perhaps it shows the Foundations perceptiveness and objectivity in trying to study this subject against a larger canvas of global political evolution from the past, to the present, and peeking into the future.
  I have been careful in framing the context of what I am talking about today. I do not want there to be any doubt that what I say is anything other than my own personal reflections on leadership in the public sector of Hong Kong. It is not a recipe for success for universal application. It is not a list of pre-requisites. It is a distillation of my own experience over almost 45 years of government and political work in Hong Kong — my hopes, my failures, my disappointments and, dare I say, my occasional triumphs in my own home town.
  This distillation of thoughts has been further concentrated by my service as the Chief Executive of this great city for the past six years. My thoughts on leadership have been very much shaped by Hong Kong and its people — what I have learnt and experienced from living and working in a free, open and pluralistic society, and a free and open economy, that is under the ever-watchful eye of a free and unfettered media environment.
  And on that note, I would like to share my thoughts with you.
  The leadership of a politician, I believe, is founded on the personal qualities that he possesses and projects by his actions and words. Integrity comes first. You need the highest moral and ethical standards because without them you will never be able to build trust with the community that you lead and serve.
  Next comes passion — passion for the people of Hong Kong. Passion to understand their aspirations and changing moods — at the grass root levels, through the middle class to the well-to-do. Passion to establish empathy with them. Passion to work with them, to identify the real life situation we face today. Passion to make it a better place for our children and grandchildren. Without passion you just wont have the drive to do the hard miles. Passion also means that you believe in this place, you must have passion for Hong Kong, you believe and trust in its people, and you believe in its future.
  In the broader context, passion for our country, or patriotism, is just as important for a leader of Hong Kong. We are part of China. Our futures are forever linked. I strongly believe that Hong Kong people love their country and want to see it prosper. But I also feel that after a separation of one and a half centuries, we need to understand her more deeply. Without that understanding Hong Kong can never discover fully the unique role that it can play in the development of our nation. And what changes that development can make to the lives of people on the Mainland and in Hong Kong. Not just in terms of dollars and cents, economic benefit or what we get out of it. Our community and our leaders need to look for ways in which we can contribute more to the national agenda by bringing into play our experience, skills and international outlook. Any such contributions will be richly rewarded. The Chief Executive must always remember that he is responsible to the Central Government as well as to the people of Hong Kong.
  I also feel that humility and self-reflection are very important personal qualities, if you want to be a leader in Hong Kong. Great leaders are not known to be shrinking violets, or to have much self-doubt. What I have learnt throughout my career is that the higher you go, the more humble you need to become. That is because the burden of responsibility also increases — there are more people relying on you and your judgment. There are more views that need to be considered and to be reconciled. There are different ways of approaching a problem than perhaps you alone may have considered. This does not mean that you put aside your vision, convictions or principles — it just means that in pursuit of your objective, you must try to put your ego to one side and acknowledge and admit that other people may have a better proposal to achieve your own objective. Humility also means that if you get knocked down you accept that setback, get back up again, and move on.
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